My Beef with Meghan McCain

~ A post in response to Meghan McCain’s “My Beef with Ann Coulter” : Meghan, give us a freakin’ break!

Meghan McCain

By Dana Loesch

As if it wasn’t bad enough that I was forced to hold my nose and vote for a candidate I could not have liked less, his daughter, Meghan McCain, is teetering around the blogosphere campaigning for dear old dad and condescending conservatives in poorly-written pieces best fit for Myspace.

Watching Meghan McCain attempt serious political analysis is like watching a toddler trying to force a square shape through a round hole.

She’s attempting to kill two birds with one stone: she’s getting even with those who criticized John McCain during the election by nipping at detractors and she’s trying to buy legitimacy the Bill O’Reilly way – by attacking the party that made her father. If it makes her sleep better at night to prostitute her soul in exchange for liberal adulation and a false sense of relevancy, more power to her. She is, after all, Daddy’s girl.

I’ve read a few of her articles; she wrote a piece criticizing the Republican party for being tech illiterate, this from a girl who hires people to maintain, take photos and video for, her website. I’m not even sure how much of the “McCain Blogette” (name = cringe) is original.

Her latest piece criticizes Ann Coulter. Meghan McCain goes after the easy, polarizing people of the conservative movement because she’s inadvertently practicing some sort of quasi-Alinsky rule #12. Her main complaint is how Coulter (rightfully) attacked Daddy John; except that McCain exacts her vengeance by maliciously manipulating the words of the woman with whom she disagrees – irrelevant to her entire article, really; she uses Coulter as a scapegoat as to why she, Meghan, is not a true Republican. What cowardice….

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